I found it hard to get a start up line, so I decided to start with how hard starting was. I must have hit my back space key like 20 times, I wasn’t counting, 20 just seems less of a lie. Everything changes, from the color of your pants, to the weather; even to the... Continue Reading →



I hope you get this, just like I have been getting yours. I can read and write now. The older children taught me, they said if I was on earth, I would be in primary 1. How time flies, thank you for always remembering my day, I didn’t know if to call it a birthday... Continue Reading →


It would hurt you later, but later is not promised to us, now is what we have, all we have, so I would gladly let it hurt you later, something we might never have, than let it hurt you now, all we might ever have. I see it in your eyes, the way you probe... Continue Reading →


This is to the ones we can't have, the ones we cherish and adore, the ones we yearn for, the ones we love but don’t love us back. The ones who mean everything to us, but have no clue what we mean to them, maybe they do, maybe we mean nothing. This is to the... Continue Reading →

All you need to do.

Sometimes, all we need to do is what we are told to do. It was a Sunday evening; we just finished eating and celebrating the graduation of someone in the family from babcock university. It was my first time at a graduation, I never really had the experience, couldn’t make it to my secondary school... Continue Reading →


Gradually I am becoming abnormal, not just because it is a quick way of getting shelter in a country where hardship is part of daily living, but because normal doesn’t just cut it for me anymore. Today’s normal stinks of false hood, negativity and all shades of bad, so please prepare the chains, as I... Continue Reading →


It’s no news that where two or more guys are gathered, they are talking about women. I found myself in such gatherings yesterday, yes I just found myself there, and as usual I heard some things I would like to share, the thoughts of young men smh. I brought up women and cheating, how it’s... Continue Reading →

Wisdom from nothing.

This post contains three quotes i stumbled upon as a result of happenings and conversations during the week. 1. Rejection is better than regret (don j): sounds like something that has been said before, but it was new to me. I was asking him how he gets girls to sleep with him and in the... Continue Reading →


You never thought you would fall in love like this, I always knew I would, with so much intensity, so much of everything that we exceed the room for more. I am talking about genuine care and concern, putting you first, treating you with respect; I am talking about loving you through the crack. It’s... Continue Reading →

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