Loving through.jpg

You never thought you would fall in love like this, I always knew I would, with so much intensity, so much of everything that we exceed the room for more. I am talking about genuine care and concern, putting you first, treating you with respect; I am talking about loving you through the crack. It’s never so easy to come down from cloud 9 to normal; hence I understand why they always want to get high, I understand why I always want to love you.

Reality dawned on us, shined its light on the impossibilities of our love, showed us the wall, and every day since then life has tried its best to make ugly something beautiful. A wall so high, standing between something so strong, we tried climbing, we did. I am scared of heights, but what heights can be compared to how deep I have fallen in love with you, maybe these heights. It got higher the more we climbed, so we tried force, and we lost strength, gradually we started losing us.

This is for those of you that genuinely love each other, but life; oh she’s a jealous type, giving you reasons why it can’t work, sometimes reasonable, sometimes natural, sometimes just pure bullshit, and you would do anything to make it work, but really there is nothing you can do. Just like me, everyday, I love her through the wall, hoping she is doing the same, hoping one day I would look up and see she made it over the wall, or look down and see her, knowing I made it over the wall, but till then, till she is no longer there to be loved, till I am no longer there to love, I will love through the wall, you should too.


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