Wisdom from nothing.

This post contains three quotes i stumbled upon as a result of happenings and conversations during the week.

1. Rejection is better than regret (don j): sounds like something that has been said before, but it was new to me. I was asking him how he gets girls to sleep with him and in the midst of the lecture, uncle dropped the words of wisdom above. Got me thinking, trully, its better to  try and fail, than live your life not knowing what would have happened if you tried.

2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with transport fare (A.G): you might think this is just a recycled statement, but there is truth in it. A.G called me for an hour and in a moment of trying to inspire me, motivate me, uncle dropped the deep words above. Really, what step can you take if you dont have transport fare? You want to trek ni? Anyways, he later went on to say, the transport fare could be your will to succeed, determination and zeal. He really made my day with that call.

3. Na over goodmorning dey cause “how are you” (papa): for my international readers, this is the english translation-too much of good morning, results to being asked “how are you”. So papa was angry as he walked into the room, then he made that statement. It resonated in my ears and heart, people dont just cross boundaries, or hurt you or get to you, you must have given them a platform for that.

This quotes made my week, they inspired me positvely, they became wisdom to me from nothing, i hope one or two if not all, helps you.


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