It’s no news that where two or more guys are gathered, they are talking about women. I found myself in such gatherings yesterday, yes I just found myself there, and as usual I heard some things I would like to share, the thoughts of young men smh.

I brought up women and cheating, how it’s greatly frowned upon in our society, but men are given a free hand, I also supported my statement by showing them a picture of a woman who was flogged publicly for cheating. Uncle A was like yes, men can cheat and women shouldn’t cheat, why should a woman cheat and all that kind of stuff, I looked in dismay, well what do I know, all am saying is, cheating is not good, man or woman, it isn’t a gender privilege.

Same uncle now went on to say women are cheap. He was interrupted by Uncle B, who explained that because a girl meets you today and gives you the cookie doesn’t mean shes cheap, probably you met her at a point where there was a mutual need, and so it was a win win. It doesn’t deter the possibility of the presence of other guys who have been there for long, doing things, making sacrifices and not even getting coo, talkless of cookie. Women are complicated like that.

Well uncle B in is wisdom flawed as we went back to cheating. He claimed cheating is a spice in the relationship even went as far as saying it’s a bond in some marriages. Hmmn, as much as I believe cheating is not the absence of love, I don’t believe it is the spice or curry of the relationship, and even if the husbands name is James, cheating can never be the bond. So tell me, what do you guys think.


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