All you need to do.


Sometimes, all we need to do is what we are told to do.

It was a Sunday evening; we just finished eating and celebrating the graduation of someone in the family from babcock university. It was my first time at a graduation, I never really had the experience, couldn’t make it to my secondary school graduation, and the shame of an extra semester didn’t let me attend that of university- I mean, what was I celebrating, my spilling? So being at babcock that Sunday was new to me, first time at babcock, first time at a graduation.

I have my opinion about the school, but hey, who am I to judge an institution based on 4 hours of observation, 2 of which were allocated to looking for fine girls I never  got to see. But no, this is not about babcock, or the fact that they have more fine boys and not so fine girls, or the drama that took place during the celebration. It was about a moment.

Party over, it was time to move the coolers to the car park which was 100 naira on a bike away from the canopy stand. I got some guys with a limo version of a wheel barrow to help me get the coolers to the car park, my task– to get the coolers to the park in one piece. It was simple, defined, and direct. NOW THE MOMENT – on my way, I saw a car parked in a manner that suggested the drier was mad, blocking the coming vehicles on his lane. I had the urge to leave my task, stop vehicles on the other lane and allow for free flow of traffic (I had the urge to be a traffic warden). It would have been nice, great feeling, but that wasn’t my task, people were waiting for coolers to be delivered, nobody would have applauded me for being a traffic warden instead of being a promise keeper, a dependable and reliable person.

This was the lesson, the moment, no matter how nice, no matter how lovely they seem, distractions will always be distractions. Sometimes, all you need to do is what you are told to do, nothing more.


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