It would hurt you later, but later is not promised to us, now is what we have, all we have, so I would gladly let it hurt you later, something we might never have, than let it hurt you now, all we might ever have.

I see it in your eyes, the way you probe me, in your uncertainty of the truth, but in the certainty of the truth you want, I see your hope. So would I be the monster to dash it, to bring the doom of tears to your ever bright eyes, to bring ache to your heart, or be the angel that you need me to be, the bearer of things false, yet true, not because they are, but because you need them to be.

I take every pride in this, I lied – I chose you, I chose your happiness over the moral high grounds the society itself doesn’t walk on, I chose your smile, your smile for a while longer, over the immediate sadness that would have been introduced to your face, I lied. Call me a fool, but even you one day, will see I did this for you, maybe for me too, but more for you, because I looked into your eyes, the way you asked for the truth, I knew you wanted a lie.

And if this is not enough for you, then please by all means, walk away.


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