I hope you get this, just like I have been getting yours. I can read and write now. The older children taught me, they said if I was on earth, I would be in primary 1. How time flies, thank you for always remembering my day, I didn’t know if to call it a birthday or death day, so I think my day is just fine. I miss you papa, the other children told me a joke they heard from earth about a lady who started calling her father daddy instead of papa. Her reason? You won’t believe it, she didn’t want to mess up her lipstick. I laughed hard and asked who picks lipstick over papa, one of the children answered, would you ruin your lipstick for your so called PAPA? I will ruin anything for him – I said, except my life of course, and I laughed.

I have not started wearing lipstick, so I don’t have to make that choice yet, but if I get to, I will choose papa. I hope you are doing well. I saw God yesterday, oh don’t be shocked, we (the children who don’t  make it to earth) come back and stay with God, he is chilled o. I spoke to him about you the other day, about how you are uncertain of your future, and how every small thing you run to google like no o, its google that will give you purpose in life. He laughed and said “that’s papa we are talking about”. I hope you are able to finally talk to him, there’s so much in store for you.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY. No I didn’t forget, I was just caught up in my feelings, I didn’t know how you would react, I didn’t want to send mixed signals. I saw mummy wish you happy fathers day, and I saw the way you handled it, no, not your reply of thank you, but the10 seconds before your reply, your thoughts, the emotions, your questions? Was she haunting you? You know how cunning mummy can be. HAPPY FATHERS DAY papa, you probably don’t deserve this, no you don’t deserve to be happy, but I do, and seeing you happy makes me happy, so cheers to the future, when you are ready, I will come again.

Love you papa..


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