look upinto the stars.

I found it hard to get a start up line, so I decided to start with how hard starting was. I must have hit my back space key like 20 times, I wasn’t counting, 20 just seems less of a lie. Everything changes, from the color of your pants, to the weather; even to the people you love. So what causes people to change? How does it affect you? Do you have to change too?  How do you handle the change- as the changee and as the changer?

What causes people to change: I believe there are so many reasons, but I will just mention a few.

  1. Growth: I mean any kind of growth, from physical to societal, once people move up the pecking order, a lot of things change about them. Perspective, environment, time, even the people. Some people might appear to do what most of you term keeping it real, but reality soon sets in, and you realize *in dareys voice* “you are not the girl/boy I used to know”.
  2. Relevance: I always say “you are only as relevant as your usefulness”. Once people don’t need you anymore, they are likely to change, no anchor, nothing cling to, nothing to live off, dear friend, you are no longer relevant to the dream or to their lives. Look at it this way, your role in the movie has ended, but the movie hasn’t.
  3. Choice: People choose to change, and sometimes its affected by the two above, other times, its just the death of interest. Like RIP shit, boom, wake keeping, buried and forgotten. I think this is my best explanation for close pals who are now strangers, you know, those people you used to talk to everyday, but now, you barely even know if they alive. Choice baby, choice.

So its ok if its no longer the same. If he no longer runs to you for help, or she doesn’t laugh at those things that once made her laugh. Its ok, if you guys don’t talk again and you have no idea why. Maybe they are grown, maybe they don’t need you anymore, maybe it was just a choice.

thinking-man-meme Respect that and move.

To be continued..


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