I have come to the conclusion that the most important question in life is WHY? This conclusion is personal and as such doesn’t require your agreement or go ahead to be what I say it is. WHY is it the most important question in life to me? WHY would I hold it in such... Continue Reading →



A story was told by a character in the movie “magnificient 7” of a man who fell off a five (5) storey building. People on the inside heard him say on his way down, SO FAR, SO GOOD. This character ended his story with a laugh while saying, he is dead now. It was at... Continue Reading →


In a world where taking sides is a part of our daily lives, sitting on the fence is anything but living, and I chose not to live for so long. It’s hard to take sides really, and I must voice out my respect to those of you that have decided to be totally good or... Continue Reading →


He always made me laugh, and made fun of the way I laughed and the arrangement of my teeth. One day he said to me, “I don’t know if its bravery, or vulnerability, but thanks for laughing, ugly has never looked so beautiful”. What did he even mean, well hold that thought for a second.... Continue Reading →


She always joked about how my beards made me look like a terrorist, and expressed her surprise has to how I walked the streets of Lagos without being harassed by uniform men. Was it the beards really, or was I actually a terrorist, one who had a way of destroying beautiful things, only unlike the... Continue Reading →


I know, it’s strange to you, meeting a guy who wants more than your body, because all your life, all the guys you met, wanted only your body. He spoke to you for the first time and didn’t hit on you, he just made you smile, and you could see it in his eyes, how... Continue Reading →

dear sister 2

Hey baby I hope you understand, understand clearly that the system might seem to be in your favor, but is it a favor if it asks for something in return? If it makes things easy for you only to make it more complicated? They say you are the weaker vessel, well let me tell you... Continue Reading →


No I am not going to join you people in slandering our government, the same government you people put in power. No I am not going to talk about APC or the recession or the things that these days have become synonymous with change. Yes, I want to talk about change, and by that I... Continue Reading →

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